MSL Consultant was founded in order to create high performing Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs).

Our passion: empowering MSLs to utilise their strategic ability to add value to the pharmaceutical company and improve patient outcomes.

What we offer

 Practical how-to advice for aspiring MSLs to teach them how to get their first MSL job.


Step by step guidance and coaching for current MSLs to enable them to leverage the right KOL relationships to achieve strategic objectives.

1:1 coaching and online training on best practices for:

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 Dr. Aoife O Dwyer, PhD 

Aoife (pronounced Efa) knew academia wasn't for her when she was doing her PhD. She grew tired of failed experiments, long hours at the bench and her post doc colleagues complaining about not having any money (why do a PhD, if you don’t leverage it to secure high paying, secure employment?!).

One week after her PhD, she relocated from Dublin to Melbourne. Six weeks after that she got her first MSL position.

Having gained experience working as an MSL and Senior MSL for a number of years in different companies, Aoife developed a passion for demonstrating the value an MSL can bring to a brand. She saw the opportunity when scientific expertise meets a strategic mindset and so Aoife founded MSL Consultant in 2018 to share her experience and create the next generation of high performing MSLs.