Would you like to improve your confidence and chance of success for an upcoming MSL interview?


Our 1:1 Interview coaching is designed to help you overcome nerves, build your confidence and increase your success rate.   


Topics covered include common MSL interview questions, situational based interview questions and MSL clinical paper presentation style interviews. 


Role play the interview situation with MSL Consultant founder, Aoife and learn how to amend your responses and body language to ensure optimal success. 


  • 60 minute 1:1 Zoom call with MSL Consultant Founder, Aoife

  • Recording of training session provided after call

  • Follow up email detailing three tailored items for you to focus on to achieve interview success 

Cost 165 USD

Incredibly friendly, enthusiastic and patient trainer, very insightful and the slides were very easy to understand as well. I would absolutely recommend this service to other people. 

Amy, Pharmacist - Now Medical Science Liaison at Eisai, UK

Aoife was very helpful in identifying many strengths and weaknesses to my interview answers. Her insight was very valuable in understanding how to present myself and my presentation. Highly recommend for those who want additional practice before the interview process starts. Definitely helped keep me grounded and calmed my nerves prior to my interviews.

Kenny, Pharmacist - Now Medical Science Liaison at Indivor, USA

The MSL Consultant is very knowledgeable, professional, and inspiring. The 1:1 coaching has been absolutely transforming! I gained a very clear understanding of the MSL role and I have been effectively prepared for all the interview stages. From the initial screening phone call up to the very last stage of the clinical paper presentation.

Aoife equipped me with all the tools and techniques I needed to effectively demonstrate my ability to become an MSL. I've been taught how to best present myself, how to confidently communicate my skills and strengths relevant to the MLS role. I also learned how to draw on my experiences in academia and create concise and targeted answers for all the difficult situational interview questions. Finally, I learned valuable tips and tricks for delivering a successful clinical paper presentation.

Thanks to her guidance and advice I now feel confident and excited about my next career step.


I would highly recommend the 1:1 coaching to anyone interested in the MSL role.


Eleni, Post Doctoral Researcher, UK

The feedback for each of the behavioural questions was very detailed and included suggestions that I had not seen anywhere else.

I had specific questions about the job I was applying, and MSL consultant was able to provide thoughtful suggestions and resources specifically related to the country where I was applying.

Matias, Post Doctoral Researcher, USA


The clinical paper presentation is often the final stage of the MSL interview. Often, candidates get only 24 - 48 hrs to prepare a presentation on a clinical paper they have never seen before.

This guide is available to download immediately upon purchase and takes the stress out of preparing your presentation and will ensure your presentation is clear, concise and demonstrates your ability to be an MSL.


This guide includes:

  • Tips on how to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you can quickly become an expert in the designated therapeutic area

  • The objective of each slide you present

  • Suggested wording for each slide

  • Questions you may be asked at each slide

  • Clinical paper appraisal guidance

  • How to end your presentation on a positive note

  • How to save time when preparing your presentation


Cost: 28 USD


Cost: 22 USD

Interviews can be stressful situations. Getting asked a question when you're in a high pressure environment means you don't have a lot of time to think and prepare your answer, which means sometimes your answer isn't as good or as clear as you'd like it to be.

The MSL interview question and answers guide is  available to download immediately upon purchase and is full of pages of actual MSL interview questions and the answers the hiring managers want to hear.

This guide takes the stress out of preparing for your interview and will ensure  clear, concise answers that demonstrate your ability to be an MSL.




Cost: 28 USD



Medical science liaison candidates are frequently asked to present what they would do in their first 90 days if hired. This is a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge and understanding of the MSL role and also highlight to the hiring manager in an interview that you would require very little training which significantly increases your chance of getting hired.

This guide is available to download immediately upon purchase and includes:

  • A 90 day power point template for you to edit as required (meaning you can prepare you presentation in as little as 10 minutes!)

  • Additional links to resources to further your understanding of the medical science liaison job

This guide will teach you:


  • How to end your presentation to increase engagement from the audience

  • How to showcase that you are a team player

  • How to demonstrate in your presentation that you are strategic and have string commercial acumen

Cost: 25 USD

Interview Preparation Bundle

Interview Preparation Bundle