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MSL Consultant was founded in order to mentor and educate Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) on how to add value to key opinion leaders (KOLs), add value to the pharma company and  ultimately improve patient care.


Our passion is empowering MSLs to use their scientific expertise and business acumen to develop lasting relationships with the right KOLs and partner with these KOLs to make a positive impact in a given therapeutic area.

Our content (free resourcesLinkedInpodcast) is packed with practical how-to advice for aspiring MSLs to teach them how to get their first MSL job.

For current MSLs and MSL managers, we provide step by step guidance and coaching to enable them to reach their full potential. 


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Finding information on the MSL role can be difficult. We've made it easy by writing extensive blog posts on questions related to the MSL role.

Find the answers to questions such as: 

  • How does an MSL interact with other functions within the pharma company?

  • How can I effectively organise an advisory board as an MSL?

  • How can I identify KOLs as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL)?

  • How can I demonstrate my transferrable skills on my resume when applying for MSL jobs?


The MSL Consultant podcast is the first podcast dedicated to the MSL role. Listen to learn everything you need to know to become a high performing Medical Science Liaison (MSL).


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