The MSL intensive workshop is for MSLs who want to become high performing MSLs and learn how to leverage the right KOL relationships to achieve key strategic objectives and demonstrate their value to the pharmaceutical company and get a promotion to senior MSL or medical manager. 

Participants will learn: 

  • How to effectively reach out to KOLs to increase response rates and meetings

  • How to plan for KOL meetings

  • How to optimise presentation of clinical data to KOLs to ensure increased engagement

  • How to plan what questions to ask KOLs to get meaningful insights

  • How to influence KOLs to reach meeting objectives

  • How to gain actionable insights from KOLs that will actually drive the brand forward

  • How to demonstrate their leadership abilities when delivering insights back to the company



Workshop Format:

  • MSL completes a pre-call questionnaire to identify their training requirements

  • MSL Consultant founder Aoife O' Dwyer, develops a 1 hour workshop to fulfil training requirements

  • Training is delivered via Zoom (60 minute session). As this is a workshop, there will be a role play of a KOL meeting and you will be provided with tailored feedback to improve your performance. 

  • A follow up email with specific actions is sent following the session 

  • 3 day email support is provided following the session

  • The recording of the training is provided 

I organised a 1:1 training session as I am new in the MSL role and wanted some structured guidance.

This training was great! It helped me understand how to become a better MSL by focusing on my current areas of weakness.

The most useful part of the training was that my current experiences/challenges were taken into account and the session was shaped accordingly.

I'd recommend it to other MSLs.


MSL at Sanofi, Chicago, US

I organised 1:1 training with MSL Consulltant as I knew there was a gap in my skills as a MSL. I wanted to bridge that gap so I could move into a big pharmaceutical company and have a successful career. The most useful part of the training was getting real world examples from a trainer who has been in the role. I now feel confident in how to present a clinical paper and conduct KOL meetings. I would 100% recommend this service to other MSLs.

MSL, Melbourne, Australia

 Highly recommend - training was very relevant, practical and useful for the areas I wanted to improve on as an MSL. There were some great tips and advice that I will be implementing in my role. The most useful part of the training was the provision of personalised tips and advice, especially for the areas I would like to improve on such as increasing response rates, engaging KOLs and creating opportunities for follow up. 

MSL, Sydney, Australia

Cost: 245 USD


MSL Consultant Ltd. is a proud member of the CPD Certification Service.

CPD provides recognised independent accreditation compatible with global CPD principles.

Membership No: 014287

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