Critical Appraisal - Premium Package

Critical Appraisal - Premium Package


What's included: ​

  • Phase III Clinical Study & Critical Appraisal Blueprint



  • Workbook & Assessment & Endorsement (pending a pass mark)

What you will learn:


  • How to identify the rationale of a clinical study

  • What to look for when analysing the patient demographics

  • The different type of populations that are analysed in clinical studies (KOLs often ask this question)

  • Things to check for when interpreting primary and secondary endpoints

  • Common factors that lead to bias in a clinical trial design

  • Common limitations of a clinical study

  • The number 1 question that needs to be answered when  interpreting clinical data

  • Definitions of common statistic terms such as hazard ratio and odds ratio

  • Tips on how to present clinical data effectively to KOLs​​​


You will also receive a workbook which you can complete and send to and MSL Consultant Founder Aoife will review and assess your answers. 

If you score over 70% will be receive this endorsement on Linkedin from MSL Consultant:

  • "[Insert name] demonstrated the ability to critically appraise phase III clinical data. They were able to understand the rationale for the study, critically analyse the patient population, identify limitations of the study, assess the risk of bias and also understand the impact that the results have on clinical practice."   



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