Critical Appraisal of Clinical Papers: A Self-Paced Workshop
  • Critical Appraisal of Clinical Papers: A Self-Paced Workshop

    What's included: ​

    • Clinical paper of a phase III study 

    • Workshop on how to critically appraise a clinical paper 

    • Exercises at the end of every section of the workshop to develop your critical appraisal skills

    • Final assessment at the end of the workshop

    • CPD Accreditation Certificate  (following a mark of over 70% in the assessment)

    What you will learn:


    • The meaning of critical appraisal of a clinical paper

    • How to understand common terms used in clinical trials

    • How to identify the rationale of a clinical study

    • What to look for when analysing the patient demographics

    • The different type of populations that are analysed in clinical studies 

    • Things to check for when interpreting primary and secondary endpoints

    • Common factors that lead to bias in a clinical trial design

    • How to determine the strengths and limitations of a clinical trial

    • The number one question that needs to be answered when  interpreting clinical data

    • How to understand and calculate odds ratios

    • How to discuss phase III clinical data with KOLs

    • Currency


    • Certificate upon completion?

      Yes, a certificate can be obtained from the CPD certification service when the final assessment is passed.

    • Format

      ZIP folder containing PDFs. Available immeditaley upon purchase.