A high performing MSL can leverage the right KOL relationships to achieve key strategic objectives and demonstrate their value to the pharmaceutical company.

Learn how to be a high performing MSL in a 60 minute high impact training session.

Topics covered can include*: 

  • How to perform the MSL role in the context of other functions within the business

  • How to perform KOL stakeholder mapping for their therapeutic area

  • How to identify which KOLs to see, how often and what to talk about

  • How to perform KOL engagement planning from their stakeholder map

  • How to leverage KOL relationships to achieve strategic objectives

  • How to reach out to KOLs and secure meetings

  • How to plan KOL meeting objectives

  • How to interact with KOLs

  • How to influence KOLs

  • Presenting to KOLs

  • How to work effectively with sales representatives

  • How to demonstrate value to the business

*Topics can be amended based on client requirements 

Training format: 60 minute Zoom 1:1 call plus resources (worksheets and templates)