Recruitment of new MSLs is a timely and costly process. Finding the time to dedicate to training your new MSL hire can be difficult to do for busy medical managers and medical directors.


This can result in MSLs not demonstrating their full value to the company, and MSLs becoming demotivated in their early months as they lack clear, step by step guidance on what they are supposed to be doing.


We’ve created a dedicated training program for new MSL hires. This enables hiring managers to spend less time worrying about training their new hire as they will have a fully trained MSL at the end of the 8 week program, equipped with the knowledge (and KOL development plan) to start adding value to the business.


· Initial 1:1 skype session with hiring manager to discuss specific training requirements

· 4 x 1:1 skype sessions with new hire (every two weeks)

· Ongoing email support for new hire

· The new hire will learn:*

  • How to perform the MSL role in the context of other functions within the business

  • How to perform stakeholder mapping for their therapeutic area

  • How to perform KOL engagement planning from their stakeholder map

  • How to reach out to KOLs and secure meetings

  • How to plan KOL meeting objectives

  • How to interact with KOLs

  • How to influence KOLs

  • How to work effectively with sales representatives

  • How to demonstrate value to the business

*Topics can be amended based on requirement of hiring manager

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