MSL-KOL Interaction Package

Frustrated applying for MSL jobs and being told time and time again that “experience is required”?   What if there was a way to get actual MSL experience….without securing an MSL job?


Now there is! Introducing the MSL-KOL Interaction Package. A brand new 1:1 training developed to give aspiring MSLs actual MSL experience that they can put on their Linkedin, their resume and discuss in MSL interviews! 

The MSL-KOL Interaction Package will provide you with real experience in:


  • Reviewing and understanding the strategy around medical plans

  • Upskilling in a new therapeutic area

  • Researching a real life KOL

  • Reaching out to KOLs

  • Setting KOL meeting objectives

  • Planning for KOL meetings

  • MSL-KOL virtual interactions


Cost: 150 USD

How it works

You are provided with the MSL Pack which includes;

  • An assigned drug & company
  • A medical plan (this is a list of activities or tactics the medical affairs team are planning to do which will help the company achieve the overall strategic objectives of your assigned drug)
  • Approved Product Information of your assigned drug 

  • Registration studies/clinical studies for your assigned drug

  • A target KOL (NOTE: You will be given the name of an actual KOL, that you can research online but the KOL will be played by MSL Consultant Founder, Aoife in the Zoom call)

  • Meeting objective aligned to the medical plan

  • Guidance on reaching out to KOLs

  • KOL Meeting planner 

Your Task

  • Review and understand the strategy of your assigned drug 

  • Upskill in a new therapeutic area

  • Research the target KOL

  • Reach out to the target KOL 

  • Secure a meeting with the target KOL

  • Plan the questions you will ask and the discussion points for the KOL meeting

  • Have a 15 minute Zoom call with the KOL and reach the required objective


Following the Zoom call, you will receive an assessment and feedback on your knowledge of;


  • The KOL 

  • Your assigned drug

  • The quality of your outreach email

  • Your communication skills

  • Your emotional intelligence


 If you score over 70%, MSL Consultant will provide you the following endorsement on Linkedin:


“[Insert name] has demonstrated the ability to utilise desktop research to uncover a KOLs motivators and pain points, utilise this research to secure a KOL meeting and plan effectively for KOL meetings. Furthermore, they have shown an ability to upskill in a new therapeutic area very quickly and become a credible and trusted source of  scientific information. Based on the skills and knowledge [insert name] possess’, I would highly recommend them for an MSL role”

Cost: 150 USD