Identify KOLs. Secure Meetings. Achieve Objectives.

Want to become an MSL that has great rapport with the most important KOLs and consistently demonstrates their value to their company? 


The MSL upskill package was developed to equip all MSLs (aspiring and experienced) with the skills and confidence to become a high performing MSL.


Carefully crafted to address the issues MSLs struggle with most, this package provides practical guidance on how to nail the 3 most important aspects of the MSL role:


Step 1: Identify KOLs 

Learn how to find your KOLs and calculate their level of influence so you can prioritise your time with the most important KOLs.


Step 2: Secure meetings

Learn how to lock in MSL meetings with our trusted email templates – tried and tested countless times in the field by Senior MSLs, this template is sure to have your calendar filling up quickly with KOL meetings.  


Step 3: Achieve objectives 

Learn how to plan your meetings effectively so you can add value to your KOL and develop engaging topics for conversation – a good meeting equals lasting rapport and valuable insights you can bring back to your company