This book will teach you, step by step, how to search for, apply, and interview for your first MSL role. It will also provide step by step guidance on typical MSL activities to increase your understanding of this role and enable you to excel as a MSL. 

Provides expert advice on:

  • MSL job application

  • MSL interview tips

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Sharing insights

  • KOL meeting preparation 

  • Attending conferences as an MSL

  • Advisory boards

  • Working with sale representatives

  • Medical planning

  • Investigator initiated research

"This book is great! If you are serious about a career as an MSL all you need is perseverance, self-belief and this BOOK. it is particularly helpful if you come from an academic background and want to break into the industry. it is very easy to read (I read it over a weekend) and very accurate. It will definitely show your interviewer that you know what you are applying for. I landed a permanent MSL role in my therapeutic area within a month of buying the book and after two interviews. definitely a worthy investment."

What people are saying about the book

"I really liked the information in this book. It perfectly describes the responsibilities and tasks of MSL as well as how to perform these tasks. It is very detailed and shows multiple examples."

"I landed an interview for an MSL position and bought this book. I found it to be an excellent resource for interview preparation and I intend to read it again before starting the job. I hugely recommend it."

"Excellent guide for MSL aspirants"

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