Medical Science Liaison - The Ultimate Step by Step Guide


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What you will learn:

  • What the MSL role entails  

  • How to write your resume and apply for MSL jobs 

  • How to answer common MSL interview questions

  • How to perform typical MSL activities

Table of Contents:

  • ​Chapter 1: How to apply for MSL Jobs

  • Chapter 2: How to Interview Successfully

  • Chapter 3: How to Perform Stakeholder Mapping

  • Chapter 4: How to Share your Insights and Demonstrate your Value

  • Chapter 5: How to get the most from 1:1 KOL Meetings

  • Chapter 6: How to get the most from Attending Conferences

  • Chapter 7: How to Organise and Execute Advisory Boards

  • Chapter 8: How to Work with Sales Representatives

  • Chapter 9: How to Contribute to Brand Planning and Medical Planning

  • Chapter 10: How to Manage Investigator Initiated Research

  • Bonus: MSL Resume template


  • Ebook - 50 page PDF

  • Available immediately upon purchase

Price: $ 49 USD

Reader Reviews

I landed a permanent MSL role in my therapeutic area within a month of buying the book and after two interviews, definitely a worthy investment.

- Mr Z Raslan, UK

I really liked the information in this book. It perfectly describes the responsibilities and tasks of MSL as well as how to perform these tasks. It is very detailed and shows multiple examples. 

- Asun Martinez, Spain

I landed an interview for an MSL position and bought this book. I found it to be an excellent resource for interview preparation and I intend to read it again before starting the job. I hugely recommend it.

- Ms Azra J Alvi, UK

Price: $ 49 USD