MSLs are uniquely positioned to leverage their scientific expertise and strategic mindset to demonstrate real value to their company. 

Sometimes MSLs report to very busy managers who lack the bandwidth to dedicate large amount of time to training MSLs. This can result in MSLs becoming frustrated and unfulfilled in their work. 

MSL Consultant offers training to ensure MSLs reach their full potential and have the support they need to feel confident in the MSL role.

critical appraisal colour.png

Critical appraisal of  clinical papers is a self-paced accredited workshop developed to teach you how to critically appraise clinical papers and use this skill to have effective scientific engagement with KOLs. 

  • CPD accredited

  • Certificate post successful completion of final assessment

  • Self-paced - do at your own time

  • Immediate download


MSL Upskill is a self paced training package developed to teach MSLs step by step how to:

  • Perform KOL stakeholder mapping (so that you know which KOLs to target)

  • Reach out to KOLs (so that you actually get a meeting)

  • Plan discussions with KOLs (so that you know what to say)

  • Achieve outcomes from KOL relationships that are strategically aligned (so that your boss sees the value your bring to the team)


1:1 MSL training

The MSL intensive workshop is a tailored 1:1 training developed for MSLs. Topics covered can include:

  • Developing KOL relationships 

  • Planning for KOL meetings

  • Optimise presentation of clinical data to KOLs to ensure increased engagement

  • How to influence KOLs to reach meeting objectives​

  • How to demonstrate your leadership abilities when communicating insights