Complete Roadmap to your first MSL Job

(when you don't have MSL experience)

Complete Roadmap to your first MSL job is a 6 module eCourse which will teach you step by step how to build your resume, cover letter, MSL skills, LinkedIn and medical affairs network in order to get your first MSL job (without MSL experience!)

PhD Candidate, USA

The skill gap assessment not only identified what areas I could improve on to become a more competitive applicant but also gave me a roadmap on several areas of how to go about acquiring those skills. It also served as a confidence booster to have an MSL practitioner look over my skills and if they were sufficient for entry-level positions.

I would wholly recommend Aoife’s service to my friends in the biomedical field.

Clinical Research Organisation Associate, Ireland

I was thoroughly satisfied with the tailored coaching service, my CV changed dramatically and definitely for the better. I was able to clearly demonstrate my transferrable skills so hopefully a potential employer will see them easily now.

I particularly liked the idea of laying out the CV with headings directly linked to the MSL position/job spec. This will make it easier for the recruiter to see my experience relevant to the role. I also liked the skills gap that showed where skills were present, absent or needed updating.

I feel more confident about getting my first MSL job as I feel my CV clearly shows my capability for the role that wasn't there before (and I didn't even realise it!). Not only that, but the book and free resources on the website will allow me to prepare thoroughly for the interview when lucky enough to get one.

I’d absolutely recommend this service to a friend.

Post Doctoral Researcher, Australia

The MSL Consultant coaching package has taken me, a PhD graduate with no direct industry experience and a limited understanding of an MSL role, to someone confident in taking this next step in my career. Before coaching, I was lacking the skills to translate the experience that I have built during my research and teaching career into a marketable resume. The clear guides really helped me to frame my experience in a way that conveys my suitability for the MSL role and the followup resume and cover letter coaching provided additional insights that only personalised feedback can give. The guides have also helped me tweak my LinkedIn and stand out from the crowd. I particularly found the suggested courses and upskilling valuable, as well as the guides on what the MSL role actually entails. My specific questions were answered genuinely and as a dialogue. I'm now excited about my future potential as an MSL and this new way to channel my passion for science into a career!


The first step in getting an MSL job is to fully understand the MSL role. You need to have this knowledge to be able to demonstrate in your resume and cover letter that even without MSL experience you can still do the job.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to define the MSL role, clearly and succinctly with an example​

  • Understand the MSL hiring process & be able to answer typical MSL interview questions

  • Understand the day to day roles and responsibilities of an MSL


The second step in getting your first MSL role is identifying the skills required for an MSL role and filling any gaps you have.

What you’ll learn:

  • The skills required to be a high performing MSL

  • Identify any gaps you have in regards to these skills

  • How to fill these skills gaps with free online courses from highly reputable organisations


The third step in getting an MSL role is optimizing your resume.

What you’ll learn:

  • The best way to layout your resume to demonstrate that you have the skills to be an MSL (even if you don’t have previous MSL experience)

  • A template for writing an executive summary which demonstrates your understanding of the MSL role

  • How to write your experience so that it is impactful and shows how you can add value to the hiring company


The fourth step in securing your first MSL job is writing a great cover letter.

What you’ll learn:

  • Template cover letter to show how your experience can address the required skills listed in the position description

  • How to sign off a cover letter to demonstrate your value to the hiring company

  • Know how to tailor each cover letter to each hiring company to demonstrate you a good fit for the company culture


The fifth step in getting an MSL job is ensuring your online presence is optimized for the MSL role.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to increase interest in your LinkedIn page from MSL recruiters

  • Understand how to search for MSL jobs using LinkedIn

  • Which keywords should appear in your LinkedIn profile in order to attract recruiters and hiring managers to your page


The sixth and one of the most important steps in landing your first MSL job. It’s not just about what you know, it’s also about who you know.

What you’ll learn:

  • A template email to send to contacts on LinkedIn to grow your medical affairs network

  • How to utilise conferences to speak to MSLs and MSL hiring managers

  • How to position yourself as a suitable MSL candidate in just 1 sentence


At the end of the course, send your updated resume and cover letter to to receive personalised feedback from MSL Consultant founder, Aoife.

Also receive 72 hrs of access to voice messaging support. Use this time to ask all those questions that google can’t answer. An experienced MSL, Aoife knows how to get an MSL interview and how to get an MSL job without prior experience.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Portugal

Excellent service - much more personalised than most services (and I've previously used a couple). The part I found most different from other services was the skills gap assessment – it really is a personalized and realistic assessment. I would for sure recommend this service to a friend and I now feel more confident about getting my 1st MSL job.

Research Scientist, USA

MSL consultant CV review service is a really good service. If you are looking for MSL jobs and don't have prior MSL experience, I would say you must use this service. It is a very detailed CV review service which enables  you to showcase your hidden skills. Highly recommended

PhD Candidate USA

MSL Consultant provided an excellent coaching service. I have explored other MSL resources to prepare myself for this career transition upon graduating, but this individualized coaching service was the best resource I have found for several reasons: 1) We went through multiple revisions of my CV; 2) I received an assessment of my skills gap with resources for how I can close those gaps; and 3) I was able to ask many questions about the MSL career that I have not found answers to from searching other resources. Additionally, I was happy to learn that some of my skills I had overlooked would be beneficial to the MSL role, while the traditional skills needed for academia would not hold as much weight. The feedback was provided very quickly and constructively, and I am much more confident and excited to apply for my first MSL position! I highly recommend the MSL Consultant coaching service!

Complete Roadmap To your First MSL job - eCourse

Complete Roadmap To your First MSL job - eCourse



What is the format of the modules?


Each module is a self-paced guidance document in the form of a PDF.

When does the course start?

Once you purchase the course, you will have immediate access to the modules and can start straight away. 

How long does each module take to complete?

Each module takes between 20 mins to 1 hr to complete.

The online courses recommended in module 2 are video and written content and take approx. 40 min to complete.

How do I access my voice messaging support?

It will be provided via a free app that you can download. Email Aoife at along with proof of purchase when you are ready to access this support.

How do I get feedback on my resume and cover letter?

Send your updated resume and cover letter along with proof of purchase to Aoife at


Additional questions? 

Send Aoife an email at