Ready to start your career as an MSL? In my tailored coaching package, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to get your first MSL job.


I'll review your CV and develop a tailored coaching package based on your needs. Coaching options may include (but are not limited to):

· A skills gap assessment of your experience and identification of skills missing for the MSL role

· Provision of free online certificate courses that can be completed to fill any skill gaps

· A comprehensive review of your current CV and tailored edits to highlight how your experience translates to the MSL role

· A CV template to ensure your CV and experience stand out from the crowd and highlight to hiring managers how your skills are transferrable to the MSL role

· Clear, step by step guidance on how to build a network of experienced MSLs and medical affairs hiring managers 

· A complete guide on what to expect and how to answer questions asked in a phone interview for an MSL job 

· A 1:1 coaching call with MSL consultant to consolidate your understanding of the MSL role and the steps you need to take in order to secure an interview for an MSL job 



"MSL consultant CV review service is a really good service. If you are looking for MSL jobs and don't have prior MSL experience, I would say you must use this service. It is a very detailed CV review service which enables  you to showcase your hidden skills. Highly recommended !!!"
Research Scientist, USA

"MSL Consultant made recommendations to list my experience in a different format by type, which showcased it much better than the chronological format. I preferred MSL consultant’s layout over my highlights CV. I feel confident that with MSL Consultant's CV review services, I will have my MSL job offer very soon."

Researcher, USA 


"Excellent service - much more personalised than most services (and I've previously used a couple). The part I found most different from other services was the skills gap assessment – it really is a personalized and realistic assessment. I would for sure recommend this service to a friend and I now feel more confident about getting my 1st MSL job." 

Postdoctoral Researcher, Portugal

"I've gone to a resume development workshops, but received general advice for a general audience (i.e. advice not relevant to my situation for jobs that I don't even care about).  I've had one-on-one resume building sessions at career centers, but received general advice tailored specifically for me. I've even looked at MSL resume how-to's online, yet still received specific, MSL-related advice for a general audience.  Your coaching services provided me with specific, MSL-related advice tailored specifically for me-- and at a reasonable rate no less.  Thanks to you, I was finally able to receive guidance for me that will help me get the job that I want."


Post Doctoral Research Fellow, USA

"I was very satisfied with the coaching package. I loved the suggestions to reformat my CV to include sections related to the MSL role.

The most useful part of the CV review service was the comments on my current CV.

I definitely feel more confident about getting my first MSL job and I would recommend this service to a friend."


PhD Candidate, USA 

"I was thoroughly satisfied with the tailored coaching service, my CV changed dramatically and definitely for the better. I was able to clearly demonstrate my transferrable skills so hopefully a potential employer will see them easily now.

I particularly liked the idea of laying out the CV with headings directly linked to the MSL position/job spec. This will make it easier for the recruiter to see my experience relevant to the role. I also liked the skills gap that showed where skills were present, absent or needed updating.

I feel more confident about getting my first MSL job as I feel my CV clearly shows my capability for the role that wasn't there before (and I didn't even realise it!). Not only that, but the book and free resources on the website will allow me to prepare thoroughly for the interview when lucky enough to get one.

I’d absolutely recommend this service to a friend."

Clinical Research Organisation Associate, Ireland

I’m very satisfied with the coaching provided by MSL Consultant. Aoife not only identified points of revision but gave an outline of how to revamp my CV to make it desirable to MSL recruiters.

The skill gap assessment not only identified what areas I could improve on to become a more competitive applicant but also gave me a roadmap on several areas of how to go about acquiring those skills. It also served as a confidence booster to have an MSL practitioner look over my skills and if they were sufficient for entry-level positions.

I would wholly recommend Aoife’s service to my friends in the biomedical field.

PhD Candidate, USA

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