You can get an MSL job without prior MSL experience

When you have made the decision to transition to an MSL job, it can be frustrating and disheartening to see "experience required" on every single job application.


Luckily, MSL Consultant has developed the tools you need to break through this barrier and land your first MSL job.


In order to secure your first MSL position you need to; 


1) Understand the MSL role & how MSLs interact with KOLs

2) Highlight your transferable skills on your resume

3) Demonstrate in an interview the value that you can bring to the company


The resources on this page are designed to teach you all these things.  

Start your journey to your first MSL role by taking the free skills gap assessment. The assessment only takes 1-3 minutes  and will identify the skills you need to develop (and how you can develop them). 


This E-Book will teach you:

  • What the MSL role entails  

  • Tips on writing your resume and applying for MSL jobs 

  • How to answer common MSL interview questions

  • How to perform typical MSL activities


This 6 module E-Course will teach you:

  • A deep understanding of the MSL role

  • The complete guide to writing your MSL resume 

  • How to fill your skill gaps with online courses

  • How to update your Linkedin so recruiters are reaching out to you

  • How to grow your medical affairs network

MSL Interview Preparation

  • 1:1 interview coaching

  • A selection of guides to prepare you for;

    • MSL behavioural questions

    • 90 day planning (often requested in MSL interviews)

    • Clinical paper presentations


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CPD provides recognised independent accreditation compatible with global CPD principles.

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